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Seamless Integration
Elements Supported
DXF Versions
Geo Data Types
Output Coordinates
Known Limitations

SmartExporter Features (latest version)

Seamless integration in ArcGIS/ArcMap
  • Adds a DXF export filter easily accessible through the ArcMap export dialog
  • Creates well-formatted DXF files, which can be opened or imported in most CAD, GIS and drawing packages
  • Single maps or complete layouts can be exported to AutoCAD DXF, including the following ArcMap elements
  • Legends
  • North arrows
  • Scale bars
  • Grids and graticules
  • Texts, fonts, curved labels, alignment/bold/italic, etc.
  • Many more...
  • Supported AutoCAD DXF versions
  • 2000
  • 2010
  • 2013
  • All native ArcMap geo data types are supported
  • Points
  • Lines
  • Polygons
  • Text/Labels/Annotation
  • Multiple user selectable options for the output coordinates are provided
  • Paper coordinates - millimeters or inches
  • Map coordinates - the native coordinate system of one of the maps is used and all other elements are translated to the coordinates of the map specified
  • SmartExporter correctly handles coordinate transformations and rotated maps in both Map and Layout export modes in both Paper and Map coordinates with no precision loss
  • Complete support for AutoCAD layers
  • The data layers in ArcMap are exported in separate AutoCAD layers
  • The map/layout elements (like grids, scale bars, etc.) are exported in intuitively named AutoCAD layers and can be easily switched on or off
  • Intelligent and fully configurable ArcMap to AutoCAD symbology mapping
  • Points exported as AutoCAD points (like pixels - no size or shape), as AutoCAD solids (triangles, rectangles, diamonds), as AutoCAD circles, or the ArcMap point symbology is converted to AutCAD Polygons preserving the ArcMap look
  • Lines can be exported with or without the width information
  • Polygons can be exported with or without fills, with or without outlines, as closed polylines, etc.
  • Labels can be exported to a single layer using ArcMap's default labeling or split by layer name using SmartExporter's labeling logic
  • Known limitations
  • Raster layers and raster layout elements (images) are not supported
  • Custom layers not using the ArcMap drawing functions are not supported
  • Line symbology partially supported
  • Polygon symbology limited to color
  • ArcMap formatted text (with tags) parially supported
  • Dynamic grids and graticules (when not presented as map features) might be plotted by ArcMap and exported to DXF and other formats with a slight half-pixel offset due to rounding.
  • Exactly converting all features and their symbology is not possible. Please download the free version and experiment with your data before purchasing.
  • Try SmartExporter now - visit our download section to obtain the latest version

    For information about v5.9 and earlier please click here

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